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Production Staff 

Artistic Director/Producer: PJ. Aubrey

Director Shelly Riggs

Stage Manager Arizona Hamm

House Manager: Kim Wickam

Lighting/Sound: Ben Doane, Kim Chrysler

Costume Design Cynthia Ogg & Cast/Crew

MakeUp/Hair: Terri Higgins

Props and Set Dressing: PJ Aubrey, Peg Mahler, Cast/Crew

Set Design: Shelly Riggs, PJ Aubrey, Darnell Lautt

Set Construction: Mark Friend & Ken Culver

Set Assembly and Movers: Darnell Lautt, Soleil Riggs, Shelly Riggs, Brianna and Mark Johnson, Naia Salas, Kaya Crihfield, Brian Palmer, Phoebe Levitt, Mary Rizzardi, Will Culver, Ben Doane, Tim and Jane O'Brien, PJ Aubrey

Website/Social Media: Jesi Davis

Other Marketing (Posters, Interviews, Mailers, Cold calls) : Jane O'Brien, Ken

Culver, Tammy Drobina

Ticketing/Box Office: Linda Kauffman, Lisa Huffman

Program: Jane O'Brien

Graphic Design of Posters, Postcards and social Media graphics:

Alex Mathews Designs. 



The above is a link to photos taken during dress rehearsal. 

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