Donor Support
The Lancaster Playhouse has been designated a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization for your tax deductible donor support!

Success of The Lancaster Playhouse will come from our audiences but also from your generous donation.  Make your donation to The Lancaster Playhouse, P.O. Box 333, Lancaster, Ohio, 43130. Your "check of support" will be noted in each production program and the website (with your permission.)
Producer Level Donor
Director Level Donor
Lead Actor Level Donor
Supporting Role Level
Friends Level

The Lancaster Playhouse success relies importantly on the generous sponsorship throughout and beyond the Lancaster, Ohio, community. Thank you, our donors, for your significant role in our theater!
Your donation of $50 - $500 will make a difference.
The stage, the costumes, the lights, the dramatic moments, all become reality by your gifts. Each time you see a performance by The Lancaster Playhouse or share our excitement with friends - you also have become one with our mission.
What Can Your Generous Donation Do?
Build stage platforms
Rent one spot light for a weekend
Pay for stage flooring, audience platforms, publicity, and web development
Theatre space rental
Royalty costs, scripts, librettos