Donor Support
The Lancaster Playhouse has been designated a 501(c)3 non-profit organization for your tax deductible donor support!

Success of The Lancaster Playhouse mission will come certainly from our audiences but also, more importantly, from your generous donorship to TLP. Won't you consider your 2016-2017 season check now to The Lancaster Playhouse, P.O. Box 333, Lancaster, Ohio, 43130. Your "check of confidence" will be noted in each production program.
Producer Level Donor
Director Level Donor
Lead Actor Level Donor
Supporting Role Level Donor
Extras Level Donor
The Lancaster Playhouse
Thank You, TLP Donors

The Lancaster Playhouse success relies importantly on the generous sponsorship throughout and beyond the Lancaster, Ohio, community. Thank you, our donors, for your significant role in our theater mission!

The Lancaster Playhouse
Producer Level Donors

Mary Beidler Gearen
Ruth Ann and Jim Cummins

The Lancaster Playhouse
Director Level Donors

Rosemary and Len Hajost
Personal Touch

The Lancaster Playhouse
Lead Actor Level Donors

Suzanne and Ken Culver
Carol Endres and Glenn Harper

The Lancaster Playhouse
Supporting Role Level Donors

Lancaster Bingo
Eleanor and Henry Hood
Marilyn and Dr. Paul Morris
Carolyn and Darryl Hiestand
Marsha and Jim Russell
Ann Hart and Myles Kiphen
Sally and Lowell Stallsmith
Spec Reed
Diana and Charles Eversole
Annamary and Arthur Gardella
Frank E. Smith Funeral Home
Fairfield National Bank
Peoples Bank
Loran Peterson
Nancy and Bruce McAtee
Ricki and David Chenault

The Lancaster Playhouse
Extras Level Donors

Barbara and Ron Peterson
Betty and Art Wallace
Linda and Mike Kauffman
Kathy Rea
Elizabeth and Will Blind
Sally Ann and Bill Haase
Standing Stone Bank
Jan and Phil Kiger
Your donation of $50 - $500 will make a difference.
The stage, the costumes, the lights, the dramatic moments, all become reality by your gifts. Each time you see a performance by The Lancaster Playhouse or share our excitement with friends - you also have become one with our mission.
What Does Your Donation Help Pay?
Cost to build two 4x8 or four 4x4 stage platforms. Rental of one spot light per weekend.
Assistance to defray costs of stage flooring surface, audience platforms, publicity, web development / maintenance.
Provides funding toward theater rental space for ONE of three performances in a season.
Helps meet royalty costs, scripts, librettos. Promotes an insured, healthy, thriving FUTURE for The Lancaster Playhouse.